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1 Minute Rule to Learn Negative Feedback

In business we all playing something...some kind of roles, games, want to achieve something. I notice greater losers in business it is people who want money...just the money without explanation. I don't say that money is bad things, but demanded just money in business is not going to grow your business. The forces behind the growth starts from people, and if you just ask people money without giving something back,maybe...you will get some change, but not big money. The fear of being yourself in business comes from social norms, what is not really well defined...who you are, how you should speak, how you should walk, how you should do the business..It is all social norms. If you just start thinking that it is not well defined and people just following them, then you probably can figure out that in business we all have limitations for growth. And that limitations start from ourselves. We all not ourselves and put some sort of social norms what is not really help our businesses to grow. If we at least start being ourselves, without the fear. Start accepting more things to the business without putting limitations to our minds. Fear of not being liked by someone, is first fear what we need to break in business in order to grow. And as close that person whose authority matter for us, as more difficult for you to grow. Just start understanding that business is your problem, not someone else, and your decision is only your decision, not someone else. Stop questioning, stop giving opinions, stop getting involved...just move your way to the point where you want to be in the business. Yes, you will be facing negative attention, because you are yourself, not like others. You are the human, not the someone else's opinion. Yes you will be judged, because people like to judge others when they do not do anything valuable for them. Use it. Learn from it. Use 1 minute rule for negative attention. You got it, you think it, you made decision. That it. Only one minute. No more. And move on. Your live is limited...you know...remember....1 minute.

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