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Every step in business involve the risks. As more choices we have in mind, as more risks involved. How to reduce the risks in business? We have a lot advisors who advice to do particular things to reduce the risks...interesting fact that they probably do not know about your existence...or they know, but not about you...about they theories and techniques not connected with you. Risks...will be always and everywhere. It can not be reduced. In every business step is risk. To reduce the risk, just close the business. If you do not want to close the business, then admit it as normal flow of your live. You can shift your attitude towards risks...yes..accepting any outcome without calling it risk. The more you think about the risk in business, the more business will not give you opportunity to deal with the situation. You create barrier on the start. You try to calculate, forecast, predict ...just act and learn from it. You think someone will ever give you advice about how to make billions without risks?...I think someone will, but when you will follow someone advice you will face more risks, compared when you making your own decision and learn from it. The risk it is opportunity in business to make the money more than others in particular operation, so you either make your decision and learn from it or take someone advice and then not complain when it will be worse than your decision...and it will be ...because you do not have your decision and listen someone else.

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