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The most powerful tool to do the things in business. As more time we spend with business, as more we learn tricks around it. But this time should be not playing computer, or reading someone Facebook or other status, but only time you invest into business. The problem of many people in business that we do not know how effectively redistribute our time. Therefore we don't know how correctly to manage the business with maximum performance. The solution can be done, if we start document what we did at what time and how many hours we spend on each task. But....you have to love your job. You know that your mind can play tricks against you...if you do not love what you are doing...usually when people are massively destructed, or complain that they don't have time, or in rush, or other type of excuses...those people do not love they jobs....they businesses. And nobody can not control it, because your mind control you...and you..can not control your mind. Maybe you can, but for short time, ,,in long time your mind find the way to escape the tasks what you do not like in business. Therefore to solve this mind-game, you need to learn from different aspects about your business...like learn from one side, learn from another, learn from all way around...and keep always wondering about the things coming into your business, even if you know them..You know why...because that way your brain will not discard new possibilities of old way doing. That way you transmitting to your brain, that you open to learn new things, you open to discover, to feel, to get the new education of ordinary tasks. That how businesses progress. The biggest mistakes, it is when we are thinking that we 100% sure of the right doing things. The answer that, today we can do the things one way, but tomorrow we can do the same things differently, at reduced cost, at consuming less time, as getting more enjoyable results. Keep your brain in transmitting state...state of openess. That way you will see new ways of doing same type of the business.