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Advertising your business

Many people think that advertising it is just to put advert on internet or somewhere and results will come. In many cases it doesn't work like that. That why businesses spend a lot of money doing nothing and believing in false believes. Your business should itself get attention of the people around your business or product. That should be supported by the peoples reactions. You need to see that without advertising some people are interested in your business. Otherwise your advertising will be wastage of money. Do not believe into assumptions you build inside of you. Many businesses, about 80% crash in first two years, believing into they perfections. I am special, thread, working against you. Maybe you are special and for some people more than, but for potential customers you are same ordinary business as many others. Therefore help them. Help your potential customers to understand your product and business. Prove them that you have right to be. People like to see evidence of your perfection. Provide them with benefits of your service. Not your benefits, but they benefits. They need to see why they should be interested in your business. Then establish route of communication channels. It is not only one, but many. People listening different way. But be consistent in delivering your business image. Then generate action. People will not buy because you are perfect. Need stimulate to act them. That how basic advertising work. Hope it will grow your business.