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An an efficient market not exist. Information is hide by the people who made money from it.

If we take Efficient Markets Hypothesis as the basis then we have following:

in an perfect market, the price of an asset complitely reflects all available

information about that asset. Wisdom of crowds support decision either in positive way or negative.

People who do not have access to the company money usually do not have information about it.

All that news on twitter, instagram, linkedin are fake. Companies never were interested to make money for you.

They only interested in making money for they families or personalities. Nothing wrong. It is business.

But a lot of people still reading news about the companies and still bellieve it.

Information nowadays tends to be manipulative. Nobody who present information about they companies would not say how you benefit from it.

I mean they would say something, but not truth. Support me please with this articles by putting like or share.

I need to spread this information to help others who dont know. Thank you.

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