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Angel strategy

When business start to promote something new, usually they do not have a lot of followers for it. Angel strategy it is creating group of people around your product, who will be fans of your product. They always come to you to buy your product. They will support you from the ground. The reason why they will be doing that, it is to get first product/service experience and to enjoy your product at low cost. Angels fans of your business spread to the world about your product experience. Additionally they communicate about your product and exchange the information about your business. Angel strategy is good to use for business who want to build something new. Important to notice that your product has to have some kind uniqueness, otherwise it will be difficult to build. Some sort of uniqueness give people feel that they not spending they times on something what is already exist, instead they supporting your ideas in return for giving them opportunity to enjoy your product experience. In angel strategy you should give your time for communications with your angels. Keep the promises about your product and you will build strong brand.