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Bad customer-good customer

People needed to be classified and grouped. It is easier to study them, otherwise, if not, it will consume more time. Your business potential customers usually have something in common, for example they like cats...or doesn't matter, but in general you will see the common things. When you start grouping them, it will be easy for you to study them and do business with them. And you will be understood more easy by them, because you understand them. First thing to look at , it is, personality. You can look at the way he dress, speaks, perfume, the way he talks, the way he listen. Then look at his personal achievements. What he study, where he study, what qualifications he have. Then look at the internal stamina. It is the way he express his live position,believes, attitude, values. Then look on the personal interests. What he reads, eats, watch, hobbies. The more you understand this things, the more customers you will get, because you will be able to see customers preferences. Next factor to consider it is customer circumstances. It is his job, lifestyle, family and current situation. Based on this factors you will be understanding the ability of the customer to pay for the business product. Maybe he will not buy now, but will do the purchase next time when circumstances change. And remember, all this techniques will not work unless you start understanding about how each bit is working. To learn the customer and attract it to your business, first thing to start is you. Understanding yourself is first. All things around your business happening now, it is because you make it happens and if you want to change it for the greater and bigger business, you need to grow first.