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Banking crisis UK 2019

Banking crisis UK 2019 There is possibility in 2019 for banking institutions in England to have a crisis. Why? The simple answer because if someone worn you that possibility is exist and has place to be, and that “someone” from top institution, then you tend to believe that possibility are more likely to happen. First, lets look on Bank Of England official statement: https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/knowledgebank/will-there-be-another-financial-crisis I was surprised in that signal this evening. Why they doing that? Why they putting articles like that? Lets read further what they say in that article: “For example, in 1636, “tulip mania” took hold in the Netherlands. As the price of tulip bulbs went up and up, it is said that people spent their life savings to buy them. But this craze came to an abrupt end and the price of tulips crashed, causing huge losses and a slowdown in the Dutch economy. « Maybe I don't understand the mining, but how connected Tulip Mania to they statement? Are the England selling tulips? What they trying to say. Whether I am stupid, or they putting rubbish on they official page. I just couldn't connect it how top institutions explaining to people possibility of financial crisis. Lets read further: “The leave vote jolted financial markets but we have made sure that banks now have substantial(financial resources)to help them weather this and any future storm. So the system is much safer today than it was in 2007-08. But no one can prevent crises from ever taking place again». I read full statement what they put on they website. I don't see any solution or how they going to escape the financial crisis. They only saying that they know how to and they have everything to deal with it. How we can trust economy to people who compare UK financial crisis with “Tulip Mania”?

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