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Be the clown

We all know that all that images what we create about other businesses, or people in business or products,...it is all our imagination. Realistically when we present our business with product we want to sell, we sell mainly our promises about that product. Nothing stay perfect until it prove it to be the perfect. We all buy mainly promises...all that information what others told us, but realistically many sources of this information acting in they best interest. So to present properly your business you need understand...people. The way people speak, the way they think, the way they act. To speak with people and to sell the people your business values...your product...you need to speak on they language...on the language of the communication reality with your business. Make them interested. Suggest something new for them. People you know..all like entertainment...like clowns...we all like to have some sort of entertainment affront of us to make us to buy that products. Business serves people. In same time business educate people...but education...we have to speak on the people language...on the customer language, to educate the people who need for our business. But not only educate....sometimes people got education about our businesses without our involvement, so we have to in same time breaking false impression if those people got about our business. Correct it...guide it towards our truth view and believes what we have about our business. Giving values, putting values, create values... And we have to perform on the stage to persuade the people to buy from us, to accept us, to trust us. Persuasion has to be so strong, that they tell other people about our business. That why if your business do not grow at desired level, it is our problem...not hey, not your father, mother or brother...it is our problem. We need to motivate people to interact with our business. And as more non-standard techniques we use as more they are interested. Like on the stage clowns use. If they use same tricks, people becoming boring. That why I am always tell to use non-standard techniques to grow your business, to promote your business, to deliver message about your business. Be always one step forward compared to another businesses. Do what nobody not doing. Your growth in your uniqueness.