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Believing in something is not a strategy

If you believe in good strategy for your organisation it is not strategy, because it is your believe. Believe as a material thing is nothing, it is suggestion that something will be as you believe. In reality your believes do not connect with the strategy itself, because a lot of factors plays against that believes, such as other people believes. You can not build something based on your believes, because society around you do not share the same ideas. Strategy based on your believes goes against social understanding, what is good and what is bad. To build strategy you need to separate your believes and expectations with strategy itself. Only after that you need to align your believes with the strategy and you will notice that in general, your believes do not work. You will start understand that world not like you imagine and your believes do not work and do not earn any money. To make the money from your believes you need align it with the strategy and in many cases to do additional activities what is not in your mind but getting into your mind while you executing your strategy and formatting your believes. You will notice that your believe a lot of wider that you imagine, and there a lot of tools to extend your believes to make the money, such as addition strategical activities to make money. You will notice that your believe is not certain and it can be executed only with the sets of the experiments. You can not say yourself that your dream or believe will make money for you. You are responsible for your believe execution and projection on the real life. Otherwise you will get nothing from this live. You need to fight for your dream and apply everything what possible to make your internal believes work for you. Believing in something is not a strategy. It is your job to create your internal believes with outside world. Bring something to this world. Not wait. It is your life. It is your responsibility. Live your live. #entrepreneurs #business #motivationdaily #successcoach #mindsetcoach #entrepreneurtips #businesscoach #motivationmafia #successfulmindset #mindsetmatters #entrepreneurtip #businesstips #motivationtuesday #successfromhome #mindsets #entrepreneuriat #businessowner #motivationalmonday #successminded #mindsetmastery #entrepreneurgoals #motivationmonday #successtip #mindsetleader #mindsetcreator