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Bestnes business strategy with Spain culture

If we look on history of Spain, around 1534 year, then we can notice how government format the strategy for nation from this year (1534). That time people didn't want to work in agriculture, and the government then decide to make people work in agriculture. From one perspective it is good, because people start making some food, like history say. Lets look from another point of view, if you doing business your way and someone tries to force to do other way...will you accept it? Maybe yes, maybe not,depends on the goal what you have. In Spain people didn't had to much choice because they went under colony afterwards, so they wasn't free in they decisions. Lets look on today days...Is your business decisions are comes from you or from system around you who makes you think that you making decision? The gap between Spain (1534) and today (2019) are wide and governmental tools to manipulate people are little bit more fashionable with our time. In our businesses we do not have to much choices to make decisions. I read around 3.000 books about business, or more, and notice that we still have the similar like decisions in every business. We have the same tools, but with different name, we have same bosses of the huge moneymaking systems who hide they faces, we have same strategical thinking with same end point. Everybody want to be reach, but the road is the same. We still think that we need work hard and then we will make money, but nobody didn't tell us how to work hard to make that money we want, lets say one billion dollars. Some of us believe that we do not need to work hard, the things only we need it is wise decisions, but nobody didn't tell us how to make wise decisions. Even in both cases if we know the answer from the books or other sources, more likely people who advice do not have billions of money themselves , but they teach us how to make business. Minority of people who teach us how to run successful business and they own it, just making money from other by teaching them nothing, because they in many cases just making money from it. Maybe they have real examples, but this examples will be unique and only few. At the end I just want to finish about Spain...running business today you need to have something but not from books, or someone's teaches. That knowledge for masses. I write articles for selected and narrow audience, who need to understand that if you want to make money today with your business you need to think outside of logic, outside of governmental institutions, outside of the system around you. Looking on Spain example, government more interested not in your business success, but in they strategies. Thinking outside of programmable reality is my strategy for you. There are more interested reality if you want to make money. My articles about non-standard thinking in business. Small businesses need to unite together and trade, without looking on big businesses. I know the answer how. It is going with non-standard strategies, with not from books thinking and with education not for masses.