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Big companies fake profiles and why important to not lie to customers on the media

The more you develop network the more you promote your product. Some big companies or top influential people on the media think that if you buy followers or bots for company page or group it will automatically show that they are popular. If you look on the comments, likes and other type of participation signals on they page/group, you will notice something strange. Same as I notice...the more than 80% it is non-active people. They do not participate, they not involve in comments (proper comments, not bot comments). That why it is important to concentrate on the network development. People should be involved. They should speak. Develop your network ability at full. Build power of your brand or yourself as brand. When you grow your network, do not lie to customer. Do not try to manipulate or force situations. It is usually plays against you. Many big companies try only to sell they product, they do not interact with the audience. At the moment it is biggest issue on the market. Potential customers or people on the net , want to buy solutions and experiences, but not product. They interested in proper communications, not just one way sales. And that image what big companies build today through the advert or other type of media, is not true today, because a lot of small companies comes to the market and offer better solutions, better services, better experiences. Today power in small companies who serve particular market segments. Big companies constantly loose that shares of the market, they are slow to react to changes and they are less proactive compared to small companies. #business #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #businessman #entrepreneur #businessowner #motivation #businesslife #startup #marketing #businessowners #entrepreneurs #businesstrip #entrepreneurlifestyle #businesspassion #entrepreneurlife #businesscoach #businesstips #businessminded #businessopportunity #businessquotes #buildyourempire