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Breaking the barriers into business performance

You know what...these institutions around you create business environment for your business. We all have rules for trade and best strategies in place for business. Because of that environment our businesses are at this stage. Ordinary people thinking ordinary, in business same rule applies. Why some companies successful and many not? Because majority of companies forced to trade in line with institutional standards, like education standards, communication standards, money is so many standards that majority of companies get themselves at the level when they stuck in the same position. Yes, they perform plus-minus on the same level of profit and more worse they think that they can not do anything to shift from that stage. If we come out from these standards in trade and start apply our standards, then we will be creating opportunity to shift our businesses to the new level. Look what happens now, we hire people from universities, or with huge experience and keep believing that they shift our business to the next level. But, it not working like that. Universities create non-ambitious robots who can not perform better than university program them. Another point to note, that huge experienced people are same as educational people. They can think only based on the world they create or someone create for them, and do not have ambitions to shift your company to the next level. They just do not know how. If you want to break barriers in your business performance, stop believing that someone will help you with magical tools, such as business gurus or super-business-knowledgable-people. We do not have people on the planet who shift your business to the next level. It is you who must to do so. Nobody do not need your business or your business performance. Stop believing in dogmas such as paying money to get performance. You will never get business performance when you pay money someone...maximum you get, it is staying on the same level. Break the barriers inside of you, and start think differently, in order to see different opportunities, if you do not want to stay on the same level for the whole live. Business performance start from you.