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Building business culture

If you have business culture, it is ok. But, many businesses, when I ask to describe exactly, point by point, about they organisational culture usually give suggestions, but not the answers. If you have culture, you can manage it. If you can manage culture you can increase performance of your company. Your culture should give understanding for everyone that you are caring. This will bring you same effects back, because you can not control everything. The culture should give challenge. A lot of employees and you work may hours, and this should be supported with sense of adventure, where everybody will be performing with sense of interest and adventure, instead of coming to the job and have the same mental state everyday. The risk in culture should be reduced to the comfortable state for everyone in order to perform. Employees should be thinking that they can stay here forever and they are very important in this company. The ethics should be build according to your expectations. You should decide what is core of your business and how people would behave around this core. Trust inside of your business should be on that level, where everybody can express they voice as they are, in format of the business etiquette. No body should be scared be as they are, but in same time they need to understand that they sgould follow some certain norms defined by your business culture.

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