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Building business value

We all want to build something powerful or recognisable by others. That is normal...and we start doing something. The beginning of this actions is to build something what is natural and have character. From our point of view we create this something and building around. Important to see how others react on it. The meaning should bee seen not only from your point of view, but from potential customer to. You need to understand level of customer, how you attract it and how fast he react on your message. Some customers, even if you have clear and strong meaning, do not give reactions fast as you expect. Especially if they educated in depth about subject you talk. They need time to confirm the message, because they not trust in first time automatically. Next thing to track is what value customer getting from your product and how this value are used by the customer. The benefits what customers getting from the product should solve some problems for him and you need to see it, because it will help you to build more stronger product in the future. Then, important step...from everything of that, what I told you previously, you need to build measurable instruments to better understand about your brand benefits, weaknesses, opportunities and to maintain this measurable elements in order to make more money.

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