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Building design for your business

Every business has the some sort of design...kind of mental visualisation what we can not touch. Understanding business design helps us to measure performance of the business. If we can see the business design as it is exist inside of our businesses, as more we understand the processes inside of it. It will helps us to decrease, or increase or do everything what we want with our businesses. If we can map every business process in each area of our business, then we can see how each area of the business are perform. By seeing business design you can develop business priorities for each area. By doing that you can invest more resources into one area than another...assigning priorities of importance and consumption. You can also visualise all the processes from designing map by putting each area of business performance as indicator into your computer. But this require to train people and to develop tracking design. Design also helps you better to explain other people in business what performance level for each area required and how it will be achieved. Particular discussions about each element of the business will help you to compare how others see your design and compare to your understanding about the design itself. The more you will be discussing about something particular, in this case about design, the more weaknesses and opportunities you will see. This help also other people criticise what you think and critically discuss with you issues in each element of the process.

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