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Building strategic platforms

When company usually starts, it has mission. It is kind of explanation and inspiration for the company owner, but not for the public, because they usually do not read this crap. Yes, it is crap at the beginning, until company start proving rights to be on the market. When mission proved, then we can call it mission statement, but...many companies cant do it. Usually when companies can prove the mission, they move to operational mission. It is when companies can control what they do and deliver results based on they operational mission. Then proactive companies building strategic platforms which helps them to run the mission and operational mission without interruptions. This platforms have strong metrics against standards and performance. When company grow or expand it uses this strategic platforms to run the business in different countries. Advantage of using this platforms, that people who manage them can be easily replaced. Of course they should constantly be tracked and monitored against mission and operational mission. The owner of the organisation can monitor entire system performance or assign goals for the company. In many cases when company cant perform at certain level, it is problem of the business owner because he makes incorrect decision at some step of the mission or operational mission implementation. If everything correctly implemented strategic platforms automatically controlled against desired results. It is goal of the business owner to build as much as possible this type of platforms, because in future it will help to expand more quickly and protect the business against illogical decisions from management staff. Of course mission statements time-to-time should be reviewed and aligned to the market demand. But..it is already will be independent decisions which can be easily integrated into functional platforms.

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