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Building your billion core value

You do not have to do anything. Just listen this. Your personality is the core. As more individuality you have as more core your business will be having. That core will be transmitting to the external public. Build your own core. Don't try to repeat someone else. Your core is unique value on the market. Don't live other people lives. Transmit your core. Show the world real part of you.,,which one can not be copied from other sources. As more creative you are as more unique style of thinking you have as more value for your business you can create. Many books teach us that some big companies exist and they strategies are is illusion. They exist because they wealth, but nothing great they not do. Wealth always controlled by someone, so image of this great companies are fake. Give me one million dollar and I will put advert affront of your place of living and after few years you start praying on this advert. That how advert of wealth companies work. Not that small companies who have limited budget, but wealth..what controlled by people who make money on you. So be creative...think like no other people think. That way those wealth-business owners will not copy you. Don't put limitation on yourself with fake images about fake growth from fake but important for others sources. That should not exist for you any more. After reading this I want you to start understanding that all power in you and only you responsible for your live. Don't complain, don't cry, don't use other people knowledge. Build your unique live with your unique ideas...and that will be all transmitted in your business growth.

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