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Building yourself

I notice that when I am working with myself, such as the way I think, the way I make decision and so on...then more opportunities appear around me. Everything start from thinking about yourself. If we want to grow our businesses, we need to understand that first step will be personal growth. I didn't understand previously what is that and how its works, until I start rejecting people who not value my personal time from my business live. When you start rejecting, people, situation from your personal live..that events which not benefit you....you will notice the change around you. Imagine that you have 24 hours of live today. If you let the time-wasters or useless people to participate with you in that gap, then more likely that useful people will not be having opportunity to come to your live at that particular time. The business growth start from your personal growth...you need to be mentally prepared to shift your live to another level of understanding. Many books or videos will be not useful, until you start making something. Everybody can talk, but you need to start making actions. Think beyond that knowledge that you already have, make some crazy things in business, risk, try...only when you will be making something more than you are doing now, only then you will grow. Do not think that you are part of your business...you are your business. All problems in business is you. All growth start from you. Only you responsible for every step in your business. Self-criticism will help you develop growth of your personality. Take responsibility of your live. Do not be involved in someone problems. Never do not help for free. Make money from it. Value your time. You living your live. Not for someone else. Value it. Invest only into yourself. Others is doesn't matter...it they problems. Only you.

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