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Business evolution

As business market grow and offer more products, more and more products, and more products...they are not offering anything new. Something new what different totally from each other or other product on the market. In 2019 people are more and more looking for new content of the product. They do not look at the product as the product, they look on product as solution, as creativeness as something freshness thoughts opportunities expressed to they lives. We are not creating new, we just offering same old staff but redesigned. Companies unsuccessfully try to design-redesign services, products and solutions to the markets, but it doesn't work. Market want content. Market want communication. Old style of thinking doesn't bring big profit. If you want big profit, with your old style of strategy, you need to have huge capital to outperform leaders on the market. Business makers in 2019 understand that people want to be connected to the product, people demand more creativeness, more communications with product owner, they want to be heard. Most of our behaviour going from environment where we grown, public policy and logical assumption. More and more people want to be free from that. They want to be different. They want to be treated as individuals #newbusiness #businessevolution #business2019 #businessindependence #businessdevelopment #businessdesign #businessprofit #businessoffer #productowner #newbusinessstrategy