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Business intelegence software

Computers programs or solutions for you business cant help to increase profitability of your business, they can only support current state of the business at the moment. Many businesses sell or buy intelligence software solutions need to be aware that at the moment we do not have software that truly imitate truly human intelligence behaviour. Many companies try imitate human behaviour, lets take for example companies like IBM or Microsoft. They try to sell they solutions to the market, but customers of successful companies usually not buy it. The reason is simple. It is impossible to imitate human, because there are no prediction in human behaviours. If we apply old data sets based on the past behaviour, it is not True in current state, because general rule in business today is “past is past, present is present”. Another point to remember here that speed of the human society development is considerable higher than programmable machines. We need to add here also that many trial/error strategies in business decisions keep changing and developing. Many new problems arise every day and many new solutions comes to our lives every time at speed higher than computer machines. #businessintelegence #businesscomputer #businessprogramming #businessintelegence #businessstrategycomputerprogramming #computersciencebusiness #businessprogrammingadvice