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Business intelligence in processes

Business intelligence is the ability accurately perceive what going on inside of your business. And this accuracy should be based not only on your estimation, but on the people around too. Business intelligence should understand the signals coming from and inside of the business organisation. This help to manage correctly all events around the business. Correctly setup business intelligence helps maximise profits. This metrics usually based on the wide models used in business, but designed for your business. The benefits to use emotional intelligence for your business is that it will be controlling your business performance from all sides. From customer side, from internal performance, from external performance, form people performance and from profit performance. It is possible to develop more metrics for the business. Main idea to design metrics for business to reduce your control of the business performance and make metrics controllers to control your business. In case if you small business and do not have resources to spread metrics wide across organisation, business intelligence can be designed for the small business. With business intelligence you can support yourself in the areas of your business with education extremely powerful for your business growth. The advantage of business intelligence systems also in the ability to control your business areas when you are not capable control (lets say you have emotional breakdown or short memory) ...this system will control important areas for you and give signals designed for your needs.

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