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Business introduction

When potential customer see you or your business it is introduction. From proper introduction customer getting correct reaction. If introduction is not designer properly, then reaction unpredictable. Introduction can be various. Lets start from ..slice of your life. That part of introduction giving customer knowledge about your personality or business personality to attach people who care about other personalities, in this case it is you, and transform part of your reality into they lives. Next part what customer care it is lifestyle of your business. They want to fashionable. This market segment also grow with the you and your fashionable product. Big part also given to the fantasy side. Some customers have this area very developed and like to have , lets say, story behind the product. Next introduction is image. It is kind of story telling for your customer in form of your business fashion, design, culture. The next introduction is music...some customers is crazy about the music and they buy more if the business theme sometimes played they style. Next introduction is symbols...customers prefer some sort of symbols to enter the shop, for example, religion, politics, culture...they just want to follow it and know what to expect in this places. So all of this introduction strategy or we can call them styles, play big role before customer makes decision to buy. Do not assume in your mind that you know everything about what your customer likes. Ask him or try strategies to grow your business.

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