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Business networking skills

The bigger size of your network, the more powerful your business. Of course network should be selected with the right people...so it is your job to educate yourself to the level of understanding who is who. Network around you have great impact on your personal live and your business. High quality of your network helps you to boost your ideas in business and around it. As better you play within that network, as more qualitative outcome you will get. Some people even claim that they health and well being depend on the network quality. Maybe...why not...If your friends drink and smoke, you more likely doing the same or always thinking about it... Understanding network around you is important for yourself. Every element of these networks somehow affects you. So you have to understand how it affects you. You should understand yourself. About your internal decisions. If you making yourself these decisions or environment around you forces to make these decisions. That is very important because it will help you to make more qualitative decisions in business. I would recommend you to review your network. Maybe you know better than me and of course as majority of people are stupid and you are clever...but...review network around you...Describe people around yourself. Look on they lifestyle. That is you. Especially if you interact with them daily. If you think they are stupid and you are clever...that is stupid who have network like this. Do not blame others. They choose life like this. And they do not have this knowledge what you read now. You are what around you...especially if you have friends...it is part of you. If you want to achieve your personality growth, or business growth...discard people which one not achieved anything in they lives and start developing network with people who share the same interests as you. If you do the business in book selling, then connect with people who do the business in book selling, or connect generally with people who have business lifestyle. Build your network around you same as you want to be in future. Build your pillow. In hard time it will help you to push on the correct way of doing things. The people who not share same interests as you share, should be discarded.

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