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Business owner always needs a advisors who he/she will be not liking

In business the top people usually not getting full advice from people around because they either scared to loose the job or they work for money. And number of time I tried to put my arguments to business owners about some ideas which totally districts the way he thinks. And many times the business owner not accepting another point of view and even do not put argument. The reason for this is simple. They just do not wan to listen it. And when you talk about statistics from government site that more than 80 percent of business fail within two years...the answer is simple...everybody fail, but my strategy is not fail. And you trying to say that 80 percent of guys think the same way as you, but he stay on his opinion. Year after year we stay with the same statistics...around 80 percent failure within 2 years. Looks like nothing got change...cycle repeat each other...every year. Business owners usually surround themselves with people who help them to fail. Look on statistics. We listening people who like. My argument is, we should listen people who we do not like. If I write something or telling to the business owners, more likely they not like it because they has to do something or start thinking differently out of they format. And that leading to change. That way you questioning yourself..if you have similar processes in your organisation or better. That way you challenging yourself. It is more easy to surround yourself with people who always will be talking you positive things about your company, to read only news what you like, listening people who you like...and that leading to the crash, because that people usually do not improve you. Improvement is fight. You should be angry, but building anger towards achievement. You should do not like people who tell you things against your point of view, but it leading to formation of other ways of the brain expansion. If everything positive and calm with your business and optimistic, prepare to crash. Business is constant fight. Fight from one level for progression to another.

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