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Business thinking

Productivity comes from when you mentally calm. Under other factors you are in state to do the most mistakes. If you made mistakes in business, in most cases it was involved not that state of mind what you are everyday. From one side, your mistakes is good for you because humans factors, such as learning new things, involve not-stable state of mind, because your mind at not stable state is learn more than in stable. In stable state we can make more constructive business decisions and more productive. This happens usually by logical sequence in out brains, such as collecting information important to us. Then we process this information and discard not-added value to the business information. Then our brain organise information to make decision. Then we make decision. To make business more effective, you need organise your daily tasks, such as reading emails for example only once every hour, read news once in two hours, reduce family or friends talk to certain hours and so on. As more you will organise, as more stable your business will more time you invest in your business to make progress. This performance sequence you can review weekly and check, how your business performing against it. The good thongs about this system in business, that you can eliminate people not giving your business opportunity to growth, for example suppliers. If they constantly, lets say, not going with your schedule and keep changing time for meetings, or for delivery, then probably they are not good in they field. You can use this system as indicator for increasing business performance. Cut people not performing and stay with people who interested or integrate with performance, because it is those people who help you grow. Do not create meaningless excuses who not in line with performance. You living only one live and that hours what you lost with people who put your business back, can not bough for any money. Think about business performance, because that way you at least saving your live hours and not waste on the people who do not care about your business. Be realistic. Do not create excuses in your brain...they work against your business.