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Business thinking

We all have patterns of thinking when something happen inside of our companies. First pattern is objective. It is when something happens, we see it as fact and create kind of image about it. The interesting point to note that when we see it as the fact, we see it from the point of our judgement. Important to understand that our judgement is our judgement. This will not represent clear facts about the event. It is just our judgement. It can be wrong or not, but we cant format clear process or clear event from the beginning until the end. We just use simplest way to judge. So to make important decision about something, it needs to postpone decision for few days. Simple decision we can make fast, because they not involve huge loses, but we can program them to make more profitable for business processes. That why it is important everyday study and communicate with people in business. Because that way we train ourselves to make short and fast not really important decisions about our businesses. Next pattern is emotion which one we connect to the any event in business. Emotion can force to make decision or not to force, but it has to be controlled inside of us if we want to make business decisions more effective. When we put emotions in business decision they are destructing logical thinking. Yes, sometimes they can be right, but for business thinking better use not emotional decisions, because they are not affected by the some effects of the situations and not force to make some illogical decisions. The next patter is fear. It is natural reaction of our business system...or lets say business intelligence, to block not standard decisions to implement. It is good opposite reaction of the emotional business thinking, but it again...has to be controlled and reduced to the rational thinking, because it is affected by the natural human protective system thinking. It is again, not good or bad, but not really useful for the long term strategies such as business growth, implementation or change. The next pattern is not to have emotions. That is very complicated pattern and requires years and years of training to pragmatically calculate each your step in business reducing emotions in business. When we delete majority of emotions in business and stay only with ideas, then our businesses start performing better. The system around such as tv, news, gossips, not useful peoples...give us to experience not useful emotions for our business. It is affecting our decisions and business thinking. Environment around is matter. So control it and format it towards your business needs. Delete all not useful elements to create useful for everyone business structure.