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Buying a promise

In business important to understand what every word you say to customer meant to him. How your customer understand that words what you trying to say him, through your brand or business, is interpreting them? One word can have different meaning at different time, at different place, at different culture. For some people you will be telling the truth, for some people same meaning mean the lies. Someone from the same words will be crying, someone will be laugh. Some words produce efficiency, some is values. Your job is to make words work for you. Convert your words into the money...into your business money. How to do that? Lets is medium to exchange the goods. Your business money is the promises to the customer that he pays the fair price for that things what he gets. Now connecting together two meaning we have answer. Your potential customer will buy from you if you promise that your product will satisfy his needs. So promise here, is your words, about the product.