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Changing the way we looks like in 2020

All business owners want to achieve something more than they are now. We all want to grow at some point, want money, be happy and so on. The problem start here that we do not how to achieve that what we want to achieve. We start reading books, talking with people, thinking how we can do that...something to achieve our desired goals or wants. And the problem start here..majority of us just try to copy someone, without understanding that someone is totally different person compared to us. We want just to be like someone, loosing identity of ourself. And that is easiest way, just copy some actions from books written for someone, talking with people who do not know us deeply...and we believe in that things...we believe that those people...actions...they will change us. We do not understand..,people who want change something in business, they need to change themselves...the way they think, the way they make actions...other action is irrelevant to change. The change start from us...the change start from noticing something new around us, within us...discovering new opportunities, making new actions...the change in your mirror. It is you. If you unhappy, be happy, if you not reach, be reach. Create environment around you to create the change towards that direction which one you need. Discard people who not relevant to your dreams, discard the situations no needed in your live. Start valuing your time. Not waste it. Not waste on people who not value your time. If you want to grow, then grow without people who do not want to grow. How you will see people who do not want to grow? Look on they actions. A lot of people just talk and doing nothing. They use your resources, your time, your life ...they use you, offering some low money back. If you value yourself low, then it is ok for you, but I want to talk to the people who have high standards in they lives, who value high they not waste. Business is more about investing correctly in people who will bring value for your business, in opportunities which can be turned to the your values. In 2020 I wish you to start making changes in your live. And that change should be start inside of you. You are big person, who need to make decision in his live. Not someone else decision, but your decision. Make the change. Bring the change. Wish you to stay with me in 2020, get new connections around my business network and grow to the next level.

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