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Checking business against some common techniques

It is good sometimes to check your business performance. Do you run discounts? Some limited amount of discounts will work, if it attract people. For every money lost during product discount you need to make money gaining on different products. This technique should carefully calculated and tried. It will attract people, but main point to make them to buy additional product, so it has to be planned. What about payment discount techniques? If you have business who can give customer some product in credit, then why not. But you need to be legally protected, in case if customer will not pay. What about charging some customers one price, and another one differently. You can make it by offering extra services for customers who demand the same type of product. For people without any service and preferences, you can sell at lowest as possible, but they will not get all benefits, such as customer service, returns and so on. Lets move to another point...product quality. Can it be increased and charged more or charged the same but increase volume of sales. That is good point to think, because it is bring up overall business performance. What if you will be selling some products in sets. That is when you have minimum order for certain type of product. It will increase you volume of trade and will remove not demanded products from the shelves. Do not forget to adjust your today prices against inflation rate. World is changing, money loosing usually value. Keep trading.