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Commitment to survive revolution

More companies today at the state when they have resources but that resources not demanded as before. Sales went down and they do not know if these year everything remain the same, like resources, price, turnover and efficiency. It is difficult to find new competitive ways of doing the things with the same resources and same ideology. We tend to stick to the old models of doing things, because we can predict outcome. But everything every year change faster and faster...and everything change...not only strategies, but people, resources and ideas. Some people say that technology replace people, but I think people in many places can perform better than technology. Yes, shift anyway will be from old ways of doing things to the new. And your company can be ready for it, by study new ideas. Many people just think that they should study ideas in that areas where they are now, for example engineering or cybersecurity. But, people should study the knowledge of things. Everything what going around it is latest knowledge. And as better you are using that knowledge, as better your company will be prepared to shift in moment when shift required. For example you can not shift the company towards change, if you do not latest human trends...i mean the way human thinking today, the way world around you thinking today...and you...maybe you do not have latest knowledge about yourself...for example latest technological popular ideas on the subject that you can do better when you do particular things in 5 pm. The knowledge is not only inside of what you know, but outside of the understanding. When I meet the people and they ask me some questions and I give them answer about latest business trends...majority of them do not understand. And it is good for me, because that way I indicate that my knowledge up-to-date and I read correct books, watch correct lectures and write correct material for you, to let you know that change start within you and you do not know which area it will be affected and which area needed to be activated. Just be flexible.

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