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Competing globally

When you enter different market new for you, it doesn't matter how you think, it is more about how you viewed from the point where your customers live. Global companies, which enter the market in foreign countries face resistance before adaptation to the cultural norms. In same time when you want to enter some particular industry, you must understand that your point of view it is only your point of view, and every information what you getting about new market opportunities, it is your reflection. In most cases for you it is difficult to understand , because your mental model formatted that way as it is now. To enter particular niche, you need to think same as majority of people think or at least have knowledge how they think and why they think that way. You can enter with the strategy “I Know Everything”, unless you have the trillions in capital and dominate the market with your product. You need mostly to pay attention how people judge new entrains. First, they getting quality signals, such as quality of product, quality of your message, quality compared to the similar product, quality of your business as the whole who they can trust. Then they look on global myth. It is when customers connection your company values with they cultural symbols, norms, lifestyle, ideas. Then they look on social responsibility. Things like if you participate in cultural norms such as providing jobs,care about workers, do not harm environment, do not breach the human rights.

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