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Controlling business performance

Each business needs grow. What grow and how to grow, that decision needs taken by you. If you want performance, then you must control. You must measure something in order to see the performance and take appropriate actions towards growth of given segment. Start from determination of the segment in business what needs to be grown and why it has to grow. Answer clearly questions, why your chosen segment, but not another, should grow. Then set standards or metrics against which one given segment will be grow. Then measure performance of selected segment. Apply various techniques. Strategies, suggestions to achieve desired results. Then introduce standards as the strategy of running everyday performance and processes. Set is as ordinary things for people and do not run lower as you set. That step will be difficult, as fluctuations will be often here. Difficult to increase standards as the normal everyday operations, because people naturally resist change and the change will be difficult to hold on certain level. But...over time it is possible.

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