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Copy-paste strategy

Many people just passing they lives without identifying them as the humans. They watch TV about someone lives, read news about someone lives, reading stories about someone lives. It is all perfect, until you not start thinking...where are I am? Who I am ? Same in business. Majority of businesses tends to repeat someone models of trade. That why around 80% fail in first two years...because they are not that businesses what they tried to repeat. When you ask them to present themselves as the businesses they usually give you huge amount of information about not related to them activities, such as we are the greatest, or we are perfect. This statements, companies who repeat someone else business, can no explain. They can only feed you with information not related to they activities. And professional people, who in business for years, understand that. But those companies who use copy-paste strategies, keep wasting they lives on copy-paste strategies. Why you need copy-paste strategy in first place, if someone already doing the same? By doing that you not create product, you not create long-term growth for you and your company. Before implementing copy-paste strategy, think at least why you need live someone else live, why you copy someone without promoting yourself. You are the product. So be unique.