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Creating business opportunities within dumpers and cartels

What is dumpers and cartels? Dumpers is businesses who deliberately lower they prices and go into profit loss, to make other businesses to die. It is usually big companies, who set up trades in your area of businesses in order to take out small companies from the market, but in other areas where no competition they make huge profits, because they doing this strategy. Cartels is similar to dumpers, but they are usually unite many companies into closed relationship in order to take off other businesses from market. How to trade within the dumpers and cartels? First I want to point on your business strategy and resources. You need always reduce running cost and allocate properly resources against common standards. Dumpers and cartels usually have well educated people, but the weakness there that they are not flexible in business decisions. That why non-standard business decisions from your side, will create stagnation for them. Maybe in future they apply the same strategies, what you applied, but realistically you have 6 month gap, where you will be making profit and gain. Even within this gap you need keep developing non-standard business decisions, by ignoring big companies proven strategies, which one will not work for you, because institutions create them to dump your business and promote they well controllable big businesses. By creating business opportunities I mean also creating your business strategies without orientation on big businesses. A lot of business owners think that big companies are so big because they use certain strategies. No. It is not true. No one from big company will never-ever do not give even small-bit of information on the subject how to make money for your business. Stop believing in big business strategies or stories about famous people. Only believe in yourself. Nobody never not teach you how to make money, because if someone already making money he do not have time to speak with you and he is not that stupid guy who will be writing books or stories on subject how to make money. Believe in yourself and your strategies. Only you can make the business and start making profit...and yes...it will be non-standard business strategies, because they not written in books or shown on TV. It will be your strategies of success.