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Creative market disruption

Most growth experience companies who promote diversity on they workplaces. Diversity it is force not only inside of the company, but outside too. When your customer see your ability to work with different point of views, with different attitudes and different world perception, then more and more customers will become clients in the future. Recent studies show, that today people want to be more open, and in many cases they think that society and norms against they will. Being diverse it is expanding additional market share for you company growth. When people feel themselves free in expression of themselves, they are having more opportunistic behaviour. In return you getting more higher performance growth inside of the company and more interactions with your company outside. Being diverse, also mean for the company, to push out-of the norms point of view inside of the company, which usually brings more crazy ideas and interesting solutions to the ordinary problems. If company concentrate on these, then those people who generate extraordinary ideas more likely to create tomorrow creative market disruption. I call it creative market disruption...where crazy ideas format unique strategies for those firms. As more companies start understand that they not generating any more profit by doing same tasks everyday, as faster they start realising that they need creative disruption. Ordinary people would be not able to create these, unless they start think differently. Most of people just cant think outside of the standards, so when we meet not ordinary person, it is opportunity for business to learn something new. In same time businesses should hire more and more people who can think on the top of the existing strategies, tactics, solutions, ideas. So, for business..when people doing something unusual on the workplace...maybe he is actually creating creative disruption..in other words...opportunity for growth.

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