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Cultural intelligence

When anyone join the company, first weeks he study culture inside of the company. It is important for performance and psychological comfort. People who fit into culture, more likely to spend less time on thinking before acting. Interesting to note, that people who is very social in one culture, have more difficulty to fit in another culture. For managers who is professional in his field, but has only experience to lead one culture, will be very difficult to lead people in another culture. No matter how great he is. People will be rejecting his style, communication and support. First trouble usually arias in the areas of beliefs, customs, taboo and unwritten rules. If you deal with foreign culture, it is your problem, to study it. Especially consider people who do not know you, and expect you to know everything about the culture. Next problem will be the body language. No matter how much you know about the culture, your body will be acting differently. Even your eyes will speak for you, when you will be silenced. You need to learn the way people move, shake hands, interact with smile and so on. That little, but great tricks, will build your personal character. And the last thing I would like to point, it is your heart. No matter how good you are in something, how much you know, how great your skills..the heart telling everything about you. Many people feel it, by the way you interact with them. From your body energy, from your voice confidence. If your heart truly love the culture where you are interacting, then you more likely getting full support of the people who see it and understand it.