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Danger of low pay worker

The more you creative, the more you reach. Creativity comes form variation of possibilities and variations of possibilities comes from nowhere. Majority of companies who do the profit , use intangible assets as the key for growth, like know-how technologies, unique workers, relationships, individual strategies, processes and so on and on. It is they wealth. That way they do money. The variations to increase the possibility of the company to grow lay into they areas of the development. Lets say you have 10 areas into your company. Spread your development budget equally over them and wait for results. Let employees do sometimes mistakes...i mean, sometimes. Employ more creative minds, than just ordinary workers. Many companies do not grow because they hire dumber who work for low wages. Of course not everyone is stupid there, but majority of them do not know how to live. And you expecting innovation from them? Wake up. Employees who know what they want in this live is more usable for your business. If you see someone ever tells you that he came working for your company, to make career here and grow with that company...fire straight away. I mean you can see when they lie or not. But if you see that your job is only one miracle in they lives, then fire straight away from area of development. Do not lie to yourself. If you want to be reach, then surround yourself with people who want to be the reach. Not with idiots. Normal level employee should be your friend who help you to grow with him. You both growing . Together. He grow somewhere in his live, you grow somewhere in your live. But you grow together.