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Decision making models

If business want to sell anything to the market, he has to understand how product will be processed from the point of sale to the end point. That helps to understand how to increase the sales of the particular products. For example in 1970 was introduced strategy to display the top buying products. From this point companies start displaying on the front shelves only that product which has demand. The next strategy is to get the market opinion before any product released. For example you produce questionnaire about the product, and start asking potential customers if they like it or not, and what they like or not like. So at least you will have idea why people like or do not like particular product. Another strategy it is when you apply kind of filters...lets say if you see customer buying particular product, you can offer additional product based on the 10 sales of the similar products before. Because more likely similar type customers not buy only one particular product, but they can additionally get something on top of the existing product what they buy. Then you can use clusters strategy. Lets say something popular in your area of living...lets it be the clean water and this water form Alps mountains. So that is cluster. You associate your product somehow with the cluster, in order to increase market share. Customers will buy faster from you if they see associations. So we have this all decision making models. Maybe for you they are not new, but at least I hope you will repeat them for better thinking about strategies for your business. Hope it helps.