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Decision techniques

In business we can make everyday decisions and non-standard decision. Everyday decisions can be programmed and replaced or supported with the latest technologies. Non-standard decisions require more mental thinking with not always standard outcomes. To prevent mistakes in business we have to make pattern of decision making. From beginning we usually identify the problem. After we should gather relevant information about the problem. To choose correct solution we need to think now about multi-alternatives to solve this problem. Now we need to think what is best one alternative or alternatives and start solving the problem. The final step will be problem solution and observation of the solution until final stage. If you have problems in business and stuck. Just stop and don't try to solve as fast as possible. Follow this technique and apply your knowledge. Everything solvable. Problem not exist as the problem, it is just complex task for your mind at the moment. Need to slow down and slowly recover yourself in that state where you was before the problem start. After when you will be able think without emotions then your mind start working more powerfully and more productive. Remember. Problem is not problem until you call it problem. In business it is just complex task.