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Deep smart knowledge

When you see a situation where one person making decision not because he is smart, but because something extra ordinary inside of him, it is call deep smart knowledge. In every organisation you can find person like that. We have a lot of people who know everything, but nothing. Deep smart person can see future of his actions. When he do anything you understand that it is not just knowledge, by something mysterious. The smart people can see whole picture intuitively, before making any decision in business. These kind of people also hold hugely knowledge of they area where they perform. They can not just be replaced by ordinary guy from somewhere. When you loose them, you usually feel it by noticing performance drop in the area where they had work. You can not find deep smarts for your business, rather they grow up over time and become smart. No any college, university, courses tech that knowledge what they have inside of them. Deep smart people can identify what will be outcome of they area of production in the future. They can see the issues in product, what others can not notice. When companies try to find deep smart peoples for the job, they usually fail with probability of 90% in they actions, because it is nearly impossible. People who have deep smart knowledge unlikely to act on the other job same way as they act on the original job. That kind of people usually raised by the company over the years. You can not just hire them. And in overall, when companies hire someone trying to find someone deep smart, they can not find it, because they do not experience in understanding internal world of those people. If you want to hire deep smart, you need to be deep smart. At the moment on the market we have a lot of pretenders, but not performers. But, I believe, companies who have growth rate at 20% or more per year know what I am talking about.

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