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Difference between you and your competitors

To know the difference is one thing. To make other thinking same way as you think is another. When we all open or want to start businesses we think that we are like no one else. In reality many people like that. The interesting thing start later, when you start understanding that to make money in your business you need some additional tricks and tools, not discover by you before. It is difficult to judge yourself from the customer side. But one trick is working for sure, it is self-criticism and acceptance of criticism. You need to understand what your price is. If someone tell you that your product is not good or bad, remember how you react. If you do not like, same as many experiences people do, then you need to work on it. If someone tell you this things and you fell bad inside of you, then you need to work on that. Accept that everyone can have they opinion. Don't play back. In many cases from my study, negative people are comeback or somewhere around, they like child just want your attention. So what difference between you and your competitors? Well...the difference is that you think about that difference and that is only difference. If you perfect, you know that you are perfect and no other competitors can beat your business, because you only one.