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Difference in difference

If you compare tour business with someone else business and making similar business to someone else business, then you do not have to much difference than someone else. Especially if your competitor is more powerful than you. In 2019 if you want to compete, you need concentrate on developing your message to the market. Lets start from your uniqueness. What uniqueness you have? If you same as others, then your business not to much compete over others. Work, develop, create you uniqueness in something. It can be product differentiation, service differentiation for example. Biggest mistake is if you not have differentiate your business from others. You do not have to be are big business or have huge capital investments, you just need to be only one for someone. That is power of uniqueness over others. For some people your business are ordinary business, but for some people you part of they world. Believe or not, it works like that. Differentiate yourself with clear differentiation, because potential customers must see clearly difference, instead of wasting time and stop and thinking, why you are different. Potential customers and you, need to see performance gaps in comparing similar products with your product. At that point, when potential customers see performance gap, they will identify the difference in difference between your business and someone else business, and will make a purchase.