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Discovering new possibilities

Not to many companies actually have defined strategies in place. To target new possibilities outside of the business, need to know what is going on inside. Usual strategy business owners apply it is imitation. They imitate something superior for them in order to get something superior. For example profit. In reality imitation of something superior it is just a dream based on nothing, because imitation of competitors strategies impossible. It is impossible because, competitor never not share good strategies to make money and second , your competitor strategies in your head it is strategies of your imagination not connected to real world. The more complex decision arise when business owner want to have the same profit or success as a average/top competitor in they industry. The problem here that the business owner waste they resources and time, to apply some strategies given by the image of the other business. It is road to nowhere, because this strategies are not exist. All competitive strategies usually within your company and when you try imitate someone strategies, then you loose in uniqueness and then in profit.