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Do not sell your business

Can be small or medium business have the power? The answer is no. It is not good for big businesses to give power to small businesses. It will make them worse off. Big businesses usually controlled by the governmental institutions, if they will give part of they wealth or income to the small businesses, the power will be distributed to the other hands where they loose control. Business is about control. Nobody doesn't give you ability to earn big money without controlling you. As more money you start making, as faster big institutions start chasing after you. Therefore if you creating business or running already business, start think how this income will be redistributed or how to hide activities from the other people, especially who have more money than you. As more value you creating, as more you need to protect it against people who wealthier than you, because they want to control you (if model of business successful). Your business can be more effective if you start understanding one thing. You are is value. You must believe in your value. There are no other value greater than your value. No one cant tell you how to make your value more valuable. If someone start advising you how to make your business better, you are loosing your value because you listening people who not have the same values. Your value is only your value. And no one doesn't have rights saying that his values is greater than your values. You are business. Believe in your business and only you understand what needed for business progression. Only you can decide what strategy to use. There are no any more knowledge greater for business than you have in your head. You are business.