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Doing things differently

Would you expect to grow your business today?....If you can remember...probably same as majority of other do the same things on the job today...same as yesterday...same as week ago...i mean you didn't change your business processes, your business culture...and you expect growth. The competitors around you doing the same things as you minus little bit. Study what they do..because some ideas in your head already implemented by others. If you want to grow, then do something on top of everybody...but to do that, you need to understand what your competitors do. Information is good for your understanding....understanding what going on around you, with your competitors...and for your will format the vision. I read recently book about business processes and you to something successfully you need about 10.000 hours to master the skill. It is time when you will be fully understand process of doing something. So information in different variations should be constantly be consumed by your brain in order to format understanding of hidden objects within that processes. If you plan to improve your processes in business in one week or is impossible. The brain usually do not see full map of the matter how bad you wan to see them. Price ...for your business, is not what everybody is not cost of the product. Price is what people willing to pay for product experience. And your business should provide that experience. If you sell just product, without talking with customer, smiling or interacting or even not offering something on top of that ordinary product, then forget about business growth. The product itself doesn't have today price, if it is not unique. We have a lot of products today...people need experience...for that they willing to pay.