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Driving the change step by step

How change usually happen or how to make the change happen? In short...Just Do It. If you want explanation about the process, then lets start. You or someone define the change. Select right people and the people who first will be experience that change. It doesn't has to be whole organisation at the beginning lets do it with 10% of staff. Introduce your plan of change to those people who will be involved in that change. Then start the change. Period of data collection for the change outcome is between 1 or 5 weeks. Then after when data collected organise data into meaningful and simple with charts information. During the meeting discuss what was expected and what was achieved. Give a day or two for the people to think about your information. Then hold another meeting and criticise all information from everybody who will put arguments for or against the change. The reason to do that it is to gather as much as possible critical thinking outcomes and suggestions. After that start implementing change, in format of the common decision with your team or on your own. Then repeat that process which I described fully every two month. The reason to repeat the change every two month is to make change happens and innovative decisions to innovate. Change it is process of never ending success. As soon it stops, your company start not growing. It is lifestyle of the company 2020.

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