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Emotional blindness in business

A lot of people tend to believe in same results as it has been previously, especially when we talking about business network. We tend to believe that big organisations with patterns are stronger than small organisations without pattern. It is coming from our brains. It called neuropsychology, when we eat apple and we see it as apple and we taste it as apple. Not to many will have idea that there are fruits on market better and more healthy for human. Same in business. We have limited choices. We are controlled by limited choices. We making this choices...or we thinking that making that choices. Usually business decisions controlled by the fear. Fear of loss, fear of everything. Why it is good for big institutions? Because they make profit from it. When we have fear, lets say fear of economical shake from Brexit in UK, or potential war in Iran, then what happening...our mind are controlled. Our brain starting making rational decisions. When our brain making rational decisions, it is easy to make profit from us, from companies, from individuals in business, from people. Because we are in predicted mind state. And when we are in predicted mind state, we are making same pattern of decisions what we did in past without associating current risk with new opportunity. That how companies make wrong decision. Sometimes best strategy in not to have strategy, because other , lets say competitors, cant take money and opportunity from us, because our choices and actions are limited when we are in Fear emotional state.

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