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Emotional image of your business

Do you think your product can give customer emotions? Lets say...happiness after buying or increase in self respect. Customer need it. He not buy your product just for buying, he needs experience set of psychological aspects and one of them it is emotions. Do you think you look good? Yes, everything starts from you. To develop proper design and package for outside world you need to start from your image. You and your product going together in emotional image. Work on your image with your product to be ready for the big stage. When you speak about your product through the image of you, of your business, of your friends, they transfer to others emotions. Emotions it is that things when you can not lie. They easy readable by non-verbal signals and they show all truth about your business. If you think you with your product weak in something, then build your image around it. Be like you want to be and work on the image. Stand on your grounds and speak to the world your emotions through your product. Business can speak. And it is good when you both learn modern language of money.