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Emotions in business

When I see people from top level universities, private schools, people with many degrees, people who read many books I understand only one thing....in business these things do not guarantee success. People learn something years and years, but this knowledge is only assumption of things. No one from university or somewhere will not guarantee that after when you finish study something your business will start making millions. The thing what can help you to manage your business is emotion. It is when you know how to act, play and relate things to each other in any given situation. I would suggest, if you want to grow or manage properly any business, need to concentrate on the emotional side of the human who make particular decisions for given area in business. Emotions...when we allow them to dominate, block the logical decisions. In same time we need them to react fast in certain situations, like making strategic decision to exit position fast on the stock market or any other loss position elsewhere. We need to train ourselves to switch fast from emotions which one not benefit our values or goals in business, to the emotions which one support our decisions in business. In order to control emotions I developed system with which one we can reassociate emotions or reroute them. When business decisions to be made and you see that you or other people show emotions, study this emotion. Study it at given moment when it happen. That is possible, because as more you start study emotion origin or execution, as less you will be affected by this emotions, because your brain will be concentrated on the other task, to study this emotion. As more you start understanding process after study of emotions in business, as better you will be learning about your business process and deeper understand about origin of processes.

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